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St. Pio's model of Catholic healthcare is coming to the US!

Be a part of a revival that will be historic and reshape history.

FREE Online Event • Thursday, January 27 • 8 PM Eastern



January 27

8 PM Eastern / 5 PM Pacific

FREE online event begins in:


Featured Presenters:

Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke
American Cardinal Prelate of the Roman Catholic Church.

Jere D. Palazzolo, MHA
Director, Chairman & President of Catholic Healthcare International

Bobby Schindler
President, Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network

CASA USA's mission is to be a model of Christian healthcare delivery & medical education, based on the ‘Work’ of St. Padre Pio: a ‘Clinic for the Soul’ for all in need; and to provide training and support to professionals of existing and developing hospitals, healthcare systems, clinics and physician practices desiring to participate in the fullness of this ministry.

By attending, you’ll discover:

  • A reawakening of truly Catholic, life affirming principles in healthcare
  • How you can help to create a healthcare system where doctors are trained to understand the value of life and suffering
  • How Casa USA campus will be a national “Beacon of Light” & model of truly faithful Catholic healthcare delivery for our country, to be emulated by other Catholic healthcare providers currently challenged by our increasingly secular culture.
  • Plans for the Home for the Relief of Suffering hospital as well as a truly Catholic medical school that will be fully faithful to the Magisterium of the Church.
  • Plans which also include a Christ Medicus Foundation National Center for Public Policy and a Terri Schiavo Home for the Brain Injured to uphold human dignity for the medically vulnerable.

Other Presenters:

Dr. George Mychaskiw
President, Saint Padre Pio School for the Relief of Suffering

Fr. Tim Nelson
Board Member, Catholic Healthcare International

Rob Muise, Esq.
Co-Founder, American Freedom Law Center


There is a lack of Faithful Catholic Healthcare in the US.  Most Catholic systems have transitioned from congregationally run to corporate leadership, and have lost their founding focus on mission based on the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. Healthcare has lost its purpose. People are devalued and denied care if they are deemed by our culture as not worthy enough for life.

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