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It's simple. Make a donation to support Catholic event organizers and Catholic speakers / musicians.

Our state-of-the-art platform allows you to financially support Catholic event organizers and Catholic speakers to ensure their events. There isn't a more powerful way to #GiveCatholic than to financially help Catholic speakers travel the world to spread the perfect truths of the Catholic Faith.
Let's evangelize together!

Join the fastest growing Catholic movement in the United States by donating to send Catholic speakers to events, parishes and conferences, who without your generosity could not afford hosting their event.
A major donor will match dollar for dollar up to $50,000.00 before Jan 1, 2022. We need your help to reach our goal of raising $50k in donations before the end of the year! Please join other faithful Catholics and let's evangelize together by supporting Catholic conferences and Catholic speakers.

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What is Spread The Faith?

Spread the Faith, INC is a 501(c)(3) created in efforts to financially assist Catholic events and Catholic speakers all over the world. The mission is dedicated to spreading the Catholic Faith by directly sponsoring Catholic speaker honorariums and expenses for events. Our mission platform is a first of its kind, making it simple for you as a lay person to tithe, support the Catholic Faith and adhere to God's highest calling, "Go and evangelize". There is no better way to evangelize than by supporting those that do it best, our Catholic speakers. Become part of the fastest growing Catholic movement and join thousands of others in our mission to catechize the world with the one true Faith.

Who Benefits

Both the event and the Catholic speaker benefit from your donation. You support two entities at once by simply making a donation. The event, parish or conference will benefit from your financial help allowing them to book a Catholic speaker for their community, where without you, they would not have been able to afford. Simultaneously, you support the Catholic speaker because your donation supports their honorariums and expenses. TOTAL WIN / WIN for evangelization!

The Process

Streamlined with efficiency, our platform allows you to make a donation which simultaneously supports a Catholic event and speaker. As soon as you make your 501(c)(3) tax deductible donation, Spread The Faith INC applies those funds toward a previously vetted Catholic event in financial need. As the donor, you will receive an annual letter detailing the Catholic event and speaker you helped support. It has never been easier to spread the Word of God by supporting those that do it best, our event organizers and speakers.

The Ability to Evangelize Catholicism Like Never Before

What to Expect as a Donor

All donors get an annual letter detailing exactly the Catholic speaker(s) and event(s) they helped support with their donation. Reoccurring donors are automatically enrolled into our Spread The Faith "Evangelization Leader Group" or what we call an "Evange-Leader" (E-van-ja-leed-er) where you will receive free books, merchandise, tickets to Catholic events and more.

You can join with a one time donation or choose to become an EvangeLeader and support by reoccurring donations.

Donor Benefits

  • EvangeLeader Member Group
  • Letter Detailing Who You Helped
  • Free books, merchandise & tickets
  • Custom Video Messages
  • Network With Other Members
  • Spiritual Grace For Evangelizing

Why Our Movement is Growing So Rapidly

Your Donation is Truly Spreading the Catholic Faith

Spread The Faith, INC is a 501(c)(3) associated with the Catholic Speakers Organization, the oldest and most trusted resource for Catholic speakers in the world. As such, we intimately understand the needs of both the event organizer and the Catholic speaker to successfully execute any given event.

Never before has it been so efficient to help support events, conferences and parishes bring top of the line Faith events to their communities, while at the same time, financially supporting the Catholic speaker keynoting at the event. Spread The Faith and the Catholic Speakers Organization have provided a donation platform that has never been seen before.

Our mission is to evangelize the world with the Catholic Faith through our Catholic speakers who do it best. This mission, however, is not possible without our donation. This all starts with you becoming a light in the world by becoming an EvangeLeader.

Watch this video to learn about the mission of Catholic Speakers Organization, which created Spread The Faith, INC financially support Catholic events and Catholic speakers. There is no mission more important than the nature of the work we do, supporting and executing Catholic events across the world to spread the Word of God.